I am no longer a LJ virgin.

I got to ban my first spammer. Congrats to cchristia65. … Damn, this is gonna be a slooooow morning.

  1. I saw that this morning, and I was like, WTF? I wondered what that had to do with anything. Good grief!

    1. Stalking my comments, too? Damn! LOL

      1. No, I don’t usually. I don’t know why I did today.

        1. Haha. I’m teasing, hun. I really don’t care. Somebody may as well find ’em amusing besides me.

          1. Great! Now I have your permission to put my psycho stocker abilities to use. Hahahahaha!

  2. LOL I didn’t know spammers actually registered for accounts. My LJ must really be boring – or the spammers are like Wicked? Pfft.

    1. Wherein Lauren gets the spammer snub! … Or something.

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