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Kids take longer to leave home than they used to… no, really?

I think these folks just wanted something to make a story out of. Not that I’m complaining–it’s better than the latest casualty report from Israel. Children today, apparently, take longer to leave home than they did even 20 years ago. Not that I couldn’t have just told you that without the scientific research, but I guess if you’ve got the cash to pay for it. They say it’s a lot to do with cultural things… I, personally, disagree with that but that’s just me and everyone knows I’m messed up. Personally, though, I think most people who’re still living at home are either unwilling to, or unable to, manage having their own place. Only reason I’m still living at home is just that; rent around here is rediculous, and well, I’m not employed yet. Whereas there’s absolutely no reason for, say, 2 of my cousins to be living at home still–neither is going to school, both put in 40+ hour weeks and get a fair-sized paycheck for it, but they’re both just too damned unmotivated. Or maybe they just don’t see independence as motivation… whichever. And my brother, well.. he’d have to keep a job first before he can worry about moving anywhere. That kid’s been fired from more jobs than I’ve had job interviews. So yeah, long story short, yet another example of the media telling us what we already know. I smell a subliminal message here.

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