I need to come up with a new expanded version of TSA. Transport Security Administration no longer seems appropriate.

Actually, it stopped seeming appropriate about 6 months ago, but now it’s ridiculously so. And in clear “The public doesn’t need to know” fashion, every single one of these is propped up by the usual TSA denial of “We didn’t do anything wrong”, or “We don’t know what s/he’s talking about”, or “We’re not telling you”. Exhibit A: “They took my insulin and ice packs” versus “No we didn’t, she’s lying”. Exhibit B: “You escentially raped me!” versus “Remove your blog post or I’ll sue you for defamation!”. And exhibit C: “Yes, I set off your alarm, but I have implants–and their paperwork!” Versus “We followed procedure. Oh, but, uh, we’re sorry. Promise.”. Still looking for new expansions on their abreviation. Will accept suggestions until the next time the TSA does something that makes me go WTF. In the meantime, hey Greyhound? I’ve got a ton of extra business for you. Look up my contact info–we’ll talk.

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