Random question and such.

Because I can’t decide if I’m just odd or what. Am I the only person not overly impressed with not quite mainstream singer Ta da.

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  1. I’ve added you

    Hi. I took you off of ‘s page. friends I meant. I have a dell as well, and if nothing else I might learn from you, you might know the answer to why a stupid second charger for my inspiron 1501 costs seventy american, since i know you’re canadian, bucks! Anyway seriously I think we’ll get along fine, but you need to ad me back to read my stuff. Talk soon,

    • Re: I’ve added you

      Actually, though I have no clue why it is LJ decided to do it this way, that you’ve added me means i can just go directly to your LJ and read your entries. How they came to the logic that watching one’s LJ equates to giving said LJ’s owner access to semi-private entries is beyond me. In any case, welcome along for the ride and all that. I have a grand total of 0 friends only entries so you’d gain little benefit to me adding you.

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