Job updateage. Because I promised.

Got the phone call from miss hiring lady at about 8:20, so killed a good 15 minutes talking to her. Turns out they’re hiring for the end of May at the moment which, okay, understandable. but if I leave then, I lose out on one hell of a severence package. They don’t know what they’ll need come July at the moment, but she said they’d keep my resume on file for about 90 days and either I’ll call her or she’ll call me after a couple weeks or so and see where things go from there. Apparently they already have at least one visually impaired person working there, so she seemed reasonably sure there’d be a minimal amount of actual arangements to be made before the place was ready to be considered workable for me. Which is always a good thing. I know when I started at Dell the major hangup we had was waiting on approval for the screenreader, but if all that’s already been handled then I’m already in good shape with that company. I like it when things work out.

Apparently, they *really* are interested though, because she seemed almost anxious to get me in for an interview. As in, if it could have been workable I’d be heading there this afternoon. I was almost tempted to go in anyway, even if I couldn’t *really* start until some point in July. Stupid lack of transportation and not knowing where the office actually is. But at least we know they’ve definitely got their eye on me, and if something does come up during a time when I’m actually available, I can pretty much be guaranteed an interview, if nothing else. The really amusing part about all of this? They were the first people I fired an application off to. Which means hopefully I’ll get a few more phone calls in the next couple weeks. But if not, it only takes one offer of a job to end up working somewhere. And I just might be staring at one.

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