I had links for to post, and then my computer promptly took a crap.

So instead, you’ll just have to settle for this. Pawpower4me, I pretty immediately thought of you when I found this article. I mean yeah, a video would do you about as much good as it would me, but… hey… the thought’s there at least.

Yes, it’s my lunch hour. Which means I’m not going a mile a minute. I still wish I had today off. And I’m still pretty damn sure samari76 will be more than happy to remind me she does multiple dozen times. But I’ll deal with *that* later. Happy memorial day for those of you who cellebrate it. Happy work your ass off day for those of you who don’t.

  1. hmmm this is cool. I wonder if you have to sign right handed for the computer to recognize it. I sign left handed because … I’m a lefty and I have to do everything the hard way.

    You can also tell that a hearing person wrote it because they used the phrase “hearing impaired” which is tacky. It’s hard of hearing or D/deaf.

    but this is super cool!

    1. I always just assumed it was kinda tacky on principle, but eh. And yeah, I thought it was kinda neat.

  2. I had a wonderful day. I got up at about, oh, eight-thirty, Fed Kerry and took her out, checked my email, and went and laid back down for about another hour. It was Good! I didn’t even hit the shower until a little before eleven.

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