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If you can’t get to this or that website over the next couple days, you probably won’t be too far wrong if you blame Sprint. Apparently, because of some pending lidigation, it’s decided to cut connections to Cogent, who’s pretty much one of like 2 central upstream internet providers. The other of which being Peer1. Your internet trafic will at some point be gooing through one or both of them, guaranteed. Unless you’re a Sprint customer, or someone trying to connect to a Sprint-hosted website. Then you’re screwed. But hey, all’s fair in the arena of law, no?


read it and weap, Microsloth fans. Linux. On the PC. No, not fully yet, but let a geek dream will ya? But a linux solution or two is being employed to make Windows machines boot faster. As speculated in that particular article, it probably won’t be long before Linux makes an appearance by default on what are considered purely Windows systems. Hear that, Freedom Scientific? When is it we’ll be seeing JAWS for Linux, hmm? I won’t hold my breath on it being free, but hey, if you *really* want us poor unfortunate technically inclined blindies to play nice with you, that wouldn’t hurt, either. Either that or I really really like way now need to meet someone in person who uses some of those other Linux screenreaders. Odds are, the latter will happen before the former. But again, let a geek dream, dammit.


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