What? Just… what?

I say again, just… what? I know people are going to insist I *shouldn’t* see something wrong with this, but I *do*. Oh my do I ever. Am I the only one just a little tiny bit weirded? *cringe*


6 responses to “What? Just… what?”

  1. Okay, so my first thought was that this couldn’t possibly be true. This is most definitely NOT normal! Hmm … Is someone having a really long day at the office? SMILE!

  2. I think it’s cool. I see nothing wrong with men getting pregnant, and ultimately don’t care if the man got to his gender through surgery or genetics. Either way, they’re a dude now. That’s really the point, isn’t it?

    My only concern with the situation is if it’s safe for both child and parent to carry the pregnancy to term; I don’t know what the FtM pre-op drug and hormone cocktail might have caused in terms of fertility side-effects.

  3. I agree, zuh? That is, I don’t even have words, which will shock the hell out of you, I know, but still.
    Anyway, I is gonna be online/up for awhile if you’re bored.

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