Should I still be tired?

My mind says no, but my body says hell yes. I got in just after 11 last night and was in bed by midnight, only finally crawling out of bed for good about 25 minutes ago. This just may be a job for extra caffeine. Going to work today is likely gonna suck…


One down side to doing things the illegal way: it takes bloody well forever. Example: I’ve been trying to download the second season of Andromeda for the past, oh… 6 months or so. And getting freakin’ nowhere. Either I can’t play the video, or no one’s seeding the torrent I’ve just so happened to grab. And of course, since 12 hours out of my day are spent either at work or getting to and from, the other 7 or 8 sleeping, it doesn’t give me much time anymore to fight with it. So I suspect a good chunk of the 3 day weekend I’m entitled to (tomorrow’s my Friday, yay!) will be spent in a rather heated argument between myself and the illegal downloading community as a whole. And dammit I intend to win that argument. 😛


It’s a good thing I find hardware troubleshooting, 98% of the time, to be incredibly, incredibly easy. Because, and several people are in agreement with me on this one, we are severely undertrained for doing so. That’s what happens I guess when you take people who’ve been doing software troubleshooting for the better part of a year plus and fire ’em into the hardware department after a week’s crash course. I am now taking job recommendations.

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