And 4 makes too damn many.

We went in to visit with my grandparents this afternoon. ‘Cuz, you know, it’s that whole Easter thing so it’s sort of expected. And inside of about 15 minutes, cousins started showing up. With kids. Under 6. Now, personally I love kids. Just… not those ones. They were bouncing off all 4 walls and the cieling when they got there. And it didn’t get any better when the chocolate came out. It was still rather enjoyable all things considered, just whatever conversation it is you’re trying to start up, you may want to be sitting within whispering range of the person(s) you’re aiming at if you expect it to be heard over the underlings. I don’t think I’ve seen that many kids crammed into that house since I used to be one of them. Freakin’ crazy. Ah well, it goes to confirming what I already decided. If ever I end up losing my mind and not being single, kids are optional. Must have car. Hey, I don’t ask much. Just if some chick’s gonna convince me that’s a good idea, it’d be nice to not take an hour and a half or so to get to work. Just call it fringe benefits of the relationship. Or something.

… Okay I’ve managed yet again to go just a little tiny bit off track. Short version: visit with grandparents good. That many kids and that much junk food bad. If I had to stay with ’em for an extended period of time while I was here, I’d probably be begging to go back to Ottawa for my real vacation. And yes, there is a difference between the family vacation and the real one. One of these days I’ll explain, though at least one of the 2.5 people who actually read this thing probably won’t require it. You knows who you is.

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