Damn, that was fun.

I came, I drank, I enjoyed, I got wasted. Enough said. Canada day was awesome, even if we didn’t end up going to the fireworks… most of us couldn’t care one way or the other if we saw them or not, and a select few of us, me included, were in no shape to go see them even if we wanted to. But it was awesome anyway! I brought half a case of beer over to go with the stuff they already had over there, and we killed it. I think I drank my half case and then some myself… though I know for sure I had help. My cousins and a couple of their friends, and another cousin’s boyfriend, were sitting in the hot tub getting completely and totally hammered, so if nothing else I can blame them for drinking the beer I didn’t get to. Them, my mom, my aunts… ah, hell, the list of people who *weren’t* drinking last night is probably shorter. And, of course, we had a BBQ. All in all, I loved it. Even if I ended up feeling like shit last night… it was still fun! And now, I can sit here and watch CSI, because uh, I don’t feel like doing anything else. LOL

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