Is it Sunday yet?

The calendar says no, but it’s lied to me before. I’ve been back to work for a grand total of a week, and already I’d kill for a week off. It’s been *that* busy this week. Add to that the fact that I’ve actually been making a conscious effort to semi-keep up with the cleaning of my tiny little place, and not just leaving it all for a day off, and I’ve been pretty busy. Lazy is the preference, so you can probably guess at my state of mind right about now and not be out somewhere in left field. Right field, maybe. I’m just now getting used to the idea of my weekends being Monday and Tuesday, and now we’re talking about shifts changing again. So I’ll probably wind up with some funky thing like Wednesday and Thursday being the new weekend. Well, as long as I’m not doing the 2:00 to 11:00 thing again, I’ll go for it willingly. I did that when I first got out of training–ironicly, it was just about this time last year. Actually, almost exactly this time last year. I won’t willingly do it again unless there’s, like, no other option. It interferes with the roleplay. And some days, particularly after lengthy stretches of time with the family, my roleplay is the difference between a murderous rage and a nervous twitch. It would be unwise to take such a thing away from me. *rubs hands together*

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