I never was much of a Mindy Mcready fan.

On the one hand, she’s the only artist all of who’s albums I can safely say I own. On the other, that’s because she only ever made, like… one or two, tops. And I think I somehow ended up with both. At least one person reading this is probably going “Mindy who?”, and that’d be about right. Considering she hasn’t had anything new out in… oh… about 10 years, I had to take a second to remind myself who the hell she was, too. That is, besides the idiot who joined a growing list of cellebrities winding up arrested for alcohol related moronicness. I guess it’s like that one Brad Paisley song–when you’re a cellebrity, it’s adios reality. Do I have to make a stupid cellebrity category up here? Sheesh, and it all started with that damn Hilton mess. Every time someone gets booked for anything involving alcohol, I’ll now blame her. Hey, she apparently likes attention–we both win.

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