Dear Bell/Sympatico. Die. In. A. Fire.

Second time in half an hour, and while I’m catching up on LJ of all things, it kicks me off. Monday so cannot come soon enough. Also: *only* time you’ll ever hear me looking forward to a Monday on which I work. Write it down in the calendar if you must.

In completely unrelated news, I did attempt to get a couple hours’ more sleep. That was made of all kinds of fail. So, early morning wins. Now I just have to get up the energy to actually do something. A morning person, I am not. Okay, correct that. My body thinks I am. My brain, on the other hand, is still safely tucked away in bed. I say again, the world should not start turning before 10. I should not be moving before noon. Whoever thought it’d be a bright idea to ignore both should be shot. And now, I post this. Before I lose anything resembling coherency that might have snuck its way into this entry. Not that I expect there to be a whole hell of a lot at mumble o’clock in the goddamn morning but y’know.

One response to “Dear Bell/Sympatico. Die. In. A. Fire.”

  1. Hey there,

    Just added you and wanted to say HI and that I totally agree that any time before 10 or even better noon is criminal; especially on a saturday.

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