Yep, it had to be Friday.

So I’m standing at the bus stop on my way to work tonight, and sure enough, I think those same people were there tonight who were a couple weeks back. I kinda recognised the voices, anyway… at least a couple of ’em. And again, they were complaining because the bus just so happened not to be there when *they* wanted it to be. They had to be not much younger than me, but seriously, I’ve seen more patient/grown-up 6-year-olds. Quarter to 8 in the evening is not the time to start complaining because the bus isn’t here when it shows up at 5 *after* 8 in the evening, oh people of much brilliance (read: morons of the year 2007). Bah. I never thought I’d look forward to getting off the bus and coming to work… but guess what? I was. Thanks a lot, brats. Here’s the wambulance’s phone number.

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