The media’s stating the obvious yet again.

Surprise. If you work more, you’ll spend less time with your family. Apparently, Statistics Canada is just finding that out now. And of course, now it’s headline news. Sorry folks, but I coulda told you that and I’ve only actually had a job for 2 months. It’s not a 9-5 world anymore, folks. Hell, it’s very near a 24/7 world. When I leave here at the end of an 8:00 shift, the place is still packed. It’ll stay that way usually until 11, then everyone but the overnight crew takes off. And we do it again in the morning. If I had family here who wasn’t an uncle who’s only borrowing my place for a place to crash, they’d shoot me for how much time I don’t spend actually home and awake. And yet, people who look for trends like this professionally are just drawing that conclusion now. I worry for these people. I really do.


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