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Surprise. The recession’s not as over as we said it was.

Statistics Canada’s been saying we’ve reached the end of the recovery line since mid-2010. And yeah, we have. Except for that part where we really haven’t.

Canada hasn’t recouped all the jobs lost during the recession after all, Statistics Canada said Friday in a blow to the federal government’s boast about the strength of the recovery.

They say the reasoning for the difference in overall results is they had been using census data from 2001 and had just now switched to using that of 2006. Not that the 2001 picture was looking a whole lot better, but hey, we knew this already. And yet, I’m probably one of 3 people who weren’t entirely surprised. Canada’s unemployment rate’s still up there. There’s a lot of places that no longer actually do anything–hi, former call center location in Ottawa who’s future is, I’m pretty sure, still kind of questionable. Job postings are few and far between, and decent ones are at a premium. And we’ll just not touch the fact the US is still kind of hanging out somewhere between pannicky and flatlining. Nope, recession’s not quite as over as they said it was. But who’s actually surprised? Well, besides Statistics Canada.


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