Attention Sharron Angle: Canada hates you right now.

According to certain fragments of the US political system, Canada’s little more than a terrorist haven. The latest spokesperson of that line of thinking? Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle. According to this lovely ray of sunshine, the border shared between the US and Canada is the most porous border America has. This, of course, all to further the claim that the 9/11 terrorists came into the US through Canada–a claim that’s been buried so many times since 9/11 I’m actually kind of surprised it’s still breathing.

Hey, Sharron? Turn around. Yeah, that way. See that other border over there? You know, the one with all the “undocumented immigrants” casually jumping the fense? Yeah, there you go. bitch about that one. If you’re looking for porous borders, you can probably start there. Or is the fact George Bush pretty much twisted our arms to slap a requirement for passports to cross the border into the US not secure enough for you?

PS: Canada has no control over border security going into the US, thank you kindly. If we took control of that, you’d still be throwing a fit. So, please, if you must blame the nonexistent Canada/US border problems on someone, throw it at your customs folks–you know, those guys who actually get to decide hey, you don’t get to step foot in the US.

Canada’s not exactly very impressed with you right now. No, scratch that. At the moment, we hate you. Oh well, don’t feel too bad. We hate her too.


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