Canada’s tax system hates me.

Okay, small correction. Canada’s online tax *filing* system hates me. I tried filing my crapola online so they can get around to paying me the money I’m owed, and their system is telling me some stupid form I know they have isn’t on my file. So now I get to call them up, while on my way to or on break while at work, and blast someone royally for screwing up. And then I get to escentially tell them to either fix their shit or get my return mailed in late because I have to basicly have that form re-filled out and mailed in with the return. Is it really considered a bad thing when after a year of living on your own, you’re still sorting crap out from when you were with your parents? I know the answer, but y’know. It’s always nice to double check. I’ll probably still find things tying me to my parents when I’m 30 but that’s kind of a fact of life, or something. Anyway. Awake, it’s Thursday, I have to work, I don’t *want* to work, and government entities are pissing me off. Things are normal in the life of James. Guess I can’t complain then.


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