Can I be a government know-nothing when I grow up?

So I finally got through the thick wall of bullshit that turns out to be the Canadian government’s tax division, only to be… yep, right where I was before I started calling. Glad I did it on my lunch hour, I am. At the end of the two conversations I had with people, one this morning, and one just a few minutes ago, I learned one very important piece of information. They don’t actually have the one form that makes filing my taxes possible on file. Which I knew before calling; that’s *why* I was calling, after all. So now, this weekend will consist of mailing me a return to everyone’s favourite headquarters of give me money. Because in spite of the fact it *is* on file, and has been on file for as long as I can remember, it’s decidedly not there. So. Time to take the old fashion “I won’t call you, you call me” approach. Mail in the return, and wait for someone at the other end to go WTF. ‘Cuz I’m supreme levels of awesome like that. And that… is the plan for at least an hour out of my weekend. I can be lazy for the rest of it.

PS: Dose of irony, perhaps? While I was writing this entry I got a telemarketting call from some get out of debt easy company. Signs I should probably stop forwarding my home phone to the cell? Quite probably. Will I? Probably not.


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