Friday? Friday!

Well, technically. See last Friday’s post about it not actually *being* friday until 5:30, when I walk outa this place for 2 days of absolutely awesome relax me time. I have no fucking clue what it is I’m doing this weekend, but I do know it’s going to involve way cool people, and probably at least one phone call. I say at least one because, well, I can.

Speaking of phone calls, Bell’s apparently not done screwing with me yet. I get home last night to find that everyone’s favourite phone company has murderized my phone service. Why? Because apparently, even though I paid ’em on Tuesday, they decided they weren’t paid yet. So part of my lunch hour will involve giving them my third? … fourth? earful this year so far. Fun fun. Thankfully I do still have cell service (if anyone who needs to get a hold of me doesn’t have my number and should, let me know; I tend to be ridiculously bad at keeping track of who has what sometimes.), so at least I’m not all manner of cut off. And I’ve still got intarwebz, so I can still catch up with people. I’d just like my landline back plz, kthx. Ah well, can’t win ’em all. There will be nuclear bullshit a-flying. somebody at the phone company of dooom will accidentally end up in its path. And I will watch with innocent amusement. Or something.

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