A game worth calling in sick for.

Okay, I didn’t call in sick to watch the hockey game, but rather because I’d of ended up going home tired today if I didn’t. I got in at about 2:00 this morning, and would have had to get up again at 9 or 10 to be ready to leave for work, which starts at 2 in the afternoon. Now, keep in mind I didn’t actually end up falling asleep ’til 4 or so, so this morning and most of today would have been rough if I’d actually gone in. So I didn’t. And in doing so, I discovered just after calling in that my beloved team would be playing the enemy, and my calling in sick just inadvertently allowed me a golden opportunity to watch them do something I’ve only ever seen them do maybe once–win in a shootout. And they did. Somehow, by a rather unusual stroke of luck, they did. And suddenly, I don’t feel quite so bad for calling in sick today. Of course, that might just be because I’ve nearly finished this beer sitting on the desk next to me. Oh well. They won, I deserve it.

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