That’s the hottest team in the NHL?

Okay, so um… even on an off night, Buffalo’s supposed to be good. So why is it that a team that hasn’t been all that hot lately was able to take them apart? I mean, not that I’m complaining, but… wow. Me thinks someone’s sails are about to lose their good wind. Of course, it helps that there are now 3 points seperating Toronto from the top of the division, and naturally the top of the conference. Hm, that would be nice. Though, for some reason, not *quite* as nice as seeing Ottawa kind of… um… well, so far out of the playoffs it’s not even funny. And Buffalo has another game tomorrow, so the chances of them winning that one too are slipping away… thank God. I’d hate to see a 4 1 win go to waste. Oh, wait, what am I saying… we have an easy game on Monday. I hope it’s easy, anyway. Or… something. So much for a coherent entry.

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