Should we plan the parade yet?

I probably wouldn’t, at least just yet–I mean, it was a win, but I wouldn’t necessarily be calling it a *good* win. Most of the scoring came in the first period, and come the second and third it was looking more and more like that win would be a loss after all. I never thought I’d say it, but if it was easy enough for even Belak to get a point in the game, even if it was just an assist… then it should have been a hell of a lot easier to pull off a win than it was. I already threw a fit about his being re-signed in the first place. The guy’s useless, except maybe as a very minor enforcer type. So if even he can manage to pick up an assist in the game last night, you would think that’d be an indicator for how the game’s gonna go. Boy would you have been wrong. I’ll never stop being a Leafs fan, but I’ll never enter a hockey pool where they’re involved, either. Not betting for them, anyway.

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