The 2006 Santa Clause parade.

As we do every year, a good portion of my family–that being a couple of my aunts, a few cousins, my mom, me, and now my future sister-in-law–took in the traditional Pembroke parade tonight, the first time in a long time they actually held the parade in the evening. Not that it was anything too noteworthy, other than the change in time… there was the occasional interesting float, but for the most part, the parade was a little bit on the meh side. I might have been better off going to the one in Ottawa, but of course, that was last week. And there was only one band to start off the thing. Even when compared to last year’s parade, this one was a bit disappointing. Also disappointing, though, was that it was the first or second time my sister-in-law had actually been to one of these, and she’s lived here as long as or longer than me. Although, I think it’s more disappointing that the first or second one she’s ever been to sucked so bad as this one. On the bright side, though, at least the parade’s suckage wasn’t compounded by a loss of feeling in the extremeties, as most often is the case. I just wish that did something for the actual enjoyment factor.

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