I missed this one for a Santa Clause parade.

But more on the parade later. First, the shocker. We didn’t suck. Against Ottawa. Also known as currently the best team in the NHL, and currently the team that’s been killing us for the past couple seasons. I know, one win does not a recovery make, but it’s still nice to see. Nicer to see still is that Raycroft isn’t the only one who can come up with a shutout when we need him to. Jurry’s still out on whether or not Toskala’s actually worth what we’re paying for him, but if he can be relatively consistent we can reach a verdict before Christmas. Of course if he can’t, he runs the risk of me ruling summarily against him. But that’s deserved by any goaltender who doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Still doesn’t stop me from hoping he’s coming.

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