Now that’s progress.

And I should so be in bed by now, but I’m just… well, sleep isn’t happening any time soon. And no, it’s not because of the half empty can of coke sitting to my left. Although I suspect that probably won’t exactly serve to be a sleep aid. So what has me up at this otherwise ungodly hour? Well, for once, it’s not talking to a certain very interesting young lady (more on that when I figure out exactly what’s going on). Rather, I did in fact get stuff faxed off. And then I got dragged around the mall for an hour or so while my apparent future sister-in-law (by the way, damn) looked at wedding related things. Then we went to another store, where I started pricing out kitchen sets and the like–yes, I’m going to need furniture. Anyone willing to contribute to the “fill James’s apartment” fund can do so at their own leasure. I accept all forms of major creditcards, checks, money orders, cash… or you can just buy me things! *nods* 🙂
So, we’re looking at one of said kitchen sets, when my cell phone rings. Now, this is like 7:30 or 8:00 at night, mind you, so I’m thinking it’s nothing too terribly important–just someone wanting to shoot the shit, that kinda thing–and am about ready to tell them I’ll talk to them probably online when I get home. It’s a good thing I didn’t, though, because it was the phone call that pretty much cieled the deal. I am now the proud rentee of an apartment in Ottawa. The lease gets signed this Friday. Two weeks from then is moving day. And in between now and then, I still have a whole shitload of things to do. I may decide at some point to probably pilfer one of Stacie’s ideas, and throw a to-do list up here at some point, just so I don’t end up forgetting something. O’course, that doesn’t guarantee I won’t forget anyway, but at least the next time I look at this thing then I can soundly kick myself for forgetting, and then go about the business of remedying that situation. I’m going to have quite the busy couple weeks… and it’s all gonna start tomorrow. And the once half empty can of coke is now empty, which means I should be attempting sleep. Good gawd, the prospect of having something akin to a routine is gonna kill me.

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