Second time’s a charm?

It’s entirely possible. I now officially have a 98% chance of landing an apartment in Ottawa at the beginning of December. Everything’s been taken care of now, all I need now is to get a hold of Dell, get my paperwork, fax crapola back to them, and fax my letter of offer to the apartment complex thingy thing. And then, 12/1/2006 = movin’ day. And 10 days after that, I start. Now, let’s hope things don’t fall through, as they’re wont to do. Often.

  1. Fingers are crossed!

  2. Whoot, lets hope for the best. 🙂 Spring Break may still be on! lol. I’m happy for you!

  3. Thank ya both, but ’til I’m moved, I’m not holdin’ my breath–I’m lible to pass out before anything productive comes of this.

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