I may actually have 5 minutes’ peace.

I of course wouldn’t hold my breath, but by the looks of it… that dog of my brother’s is here again. So that should give an indication. Fortunately, though, the two that actually belong here are outside… so there’s no constant battle of him wanting to take one of their noses off and them wanting to have him for lunch. It’s pretty sad, though, when my idea of peace and quiet is sitting here listening to him do that puppy pouting thing he does when he wants out. Of course, we all know he only wants out because that’s where they are… and I’m *not* chasing him out there, thankya much. As usual, his owners are downstairs sleeping, and as I’ve discovered the last 6 times they’ve done this to me, sending him downstairs lasts until he starts barking, then they send him back upstairs and we do this dance all over again. So, until either all 3 of them get tired and go to sleep or the owners of the odd dog out actually wake up, my patience will be stretched very, very thin. And that’s difficult to do. Ah well, there’s nothing else blog worthy to bring up so I guess that’ll have to do. Hell, there aren’t even any obviously moronic people in the news so far that I can laugh at on this thing. And until if I ever actually get a life, there won’t be much original content coming out of this corner. I’m running out of ways to say I hope those two downstairs never have kids…

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