If ever there was a reason to ditch Tellqvist…

I was forced to watch it last night. Absolutely, absolutely, *brutal*! I mean, not that he got all that much help defensively with the exception of the likes of McCabe and Brown, who I think wants to try and take Domi’s place after his retirement, but… still. The preseason’s half over now. More than half, actually. You’d think he’d actually start to play like an NHL goaltender by now. But, sadly, his play has gone from good to crappy in the span of a week, whereas at least Aubin is picking up where he left off, and Raycroft is actually hanging in there. The only real questionmark here is Tellqvist, but then again he’s only a questionmark in the eyes of the coaching staff… I know where he’s supposed to be. And it ain’t with the big club. He, and about half the squad that played tonight IMHO, should be on their way to the AHL arena down the road, *today*. Or, if not today, then preferably before they embarrass us against detroit on Saturday and/or Sunday. I like my leafs above .500, thankyaverymuch!

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