Thank God it’s the preseason.

Otherwise, last night’s loss would have been exceedingly hard to swallow. I mean, that it’s the preseason doesn’t make it any less of a bitch, but at least I don’t have to resort to multiple 4-letter words and the like. I’d criticise, but… well, there isn’t much to criticise, really. Raycroft can’t play the puck. We knew this. Antropov can’t play. We knew this. Suglobov doesn’t pass. I wish I didn’t know this. McCabe will eventually put it in the net. Everyone knows this. Even if it takes him 4 tries to do it. We probably shouldn’t have lost the game last night… but eh. At least it’s only the preseason. Now if we could just get Raycroft to worry more about *stopping* the puck, rather than trying to make a neat little pass which we all know he can’t make…

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