The NHL preseason. Like spring training, but cooler.

It never matters how bad a year it’s been so far, at least for me. When it comes time for the warm-up to the regular hockey season, there’s no such thing as stress, irritation, or that damned recession that just can’t seem to let go of the Ottawa valley. Indeed, in the James household, it’s hockey first, life, the universe and everything second. NHL’s preseason kicks off tonight, which means I escentially get to shut out most of the world with the exception of a select few and do something I haven’t gotten to do since the beginning of June–crank up the TV, kick back with something at least caffinated and at most alcoholic, and just let go. AIt may not be hockey night in Canada for real, but for tonight, it’s good enough for me. Go Leafs go. And this time, please don’t screw it up completely.

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