Now that’s a reason to buy me a scanner.

I’m on a couple scanning related mailing lists–police scanning, for those of you wondering, and as soon as the southern Ontario runaway was spotted near the Renfrew area, both mailing lists I”m on went absolutely nuts. Which is probably an understatement for the amount of radio trafic they were listening to. They eventually arrested the guy when he came out of an unoccupied home in the area. You may see it on the news–and, possibly, you may have seen something about it if you watch America’s Most Wanted. He’s heading to London to stand trial for 3 murders, apparently. Including the murders of the elderly couple who’s truck he stole to get up here. Now you know what you can buy me for Christmas. 😉
here’s a clip of the radio trafic that resulted from the arrest last night. Thanks to one of the guys on said scanner lists for providing this clip. People living north of the border, consider this your advanced headline news notification. With the typical James twist–I wish Canada still had the death penalty.

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