Can I have my hand back now?

I love it when other people agree with me. Especially considering I used to actually be in college, so this was quite the uh, problem. Someone in my overly protective family, either my mom or someone who’d been badgered by my mom, would call almost every day, usually every second day… just in case, and all that. And these people like to talk on the phone. I mean an hour and a half kinda like to talk on the phone. Which, ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, but they’d usually pick a really crappy time to call. Like when I was getting ready for class, or had to go somewhere else, or, you know, was going to bed. Yes, I actually tried to get to sleep at a relatively decent hour when I was in college. It didn’t usually work, but I tried. And when they’d call, it was usually (not always, but more often than not) to ask the same 1500 questions they asked me the last time they called. And then to double check. And then they’d ask a half dozen times if I was sure of the answer. And it was usually things they know I do on a set schedule… like paying bills, or buying groceries, or whatever. You know, all the things I’ve pretty much been doing for ages. Yeah, my family has its awesome moments, but criminy… if they could just let go of my hand for 5 minutes it’d make doing things a lot easier…


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