Another engagement, another likely wedding.

Which means another attempt to sneak off some time away from whatever job I happen to be doing at the time, in amongst everything else I need time off for (see: various local events me and the usual gang will either make it to or die trying). Awesomeness. And unlike my sister-in-law, who I’d still not oppose the idea of having moved to, say, germany, the girl my cousin’s marrying is made of win. Definitely one family wedding I’ll drop everything to attend. If more of the women in my family were like her, or at least less like they are at the moment, there would be craploads less drama in just about every phone call. The exceptions have already been identified, and have seperated themselves from said family by the same hour and a half distance I have. In other familial news, there is no other familial news. And that’s a freaking first.

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