Corperate backlash at AOL

A couple weeks ago AOL was all pleased with themselves after publishing search data that most people didn’t even know they collected. Why they didn’t know it is beyond me… I mean, everyone collects information about everyone in one way or another… and you’d be surprised just how much trouble an apparently randomly generated user ID can cause. Enough trouble that they’ve gone from patting themselves on the back to firing people. Unfortunately, the guy who did the actual publishing is getting canned along with the people who told him to, but hey, at least he’s trying to fight it. The executives who’re getting shown the door don’t really have a legal leg to stand on… he might, though. I dunno, maybe it’s just my oddness, but there’s just something that out and out pisses me off about someone getting fired on the basis that someone else, who’s also getting fired, screwed up. Particularly when if he’d of said no, he’d of been fired and the screw-ups would have kept their jobs. Gah. I love mankind… it’s people I can’t stand.


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