It isn’t even that day yet…

… and I’m nervous as hell. I dunno if it’s the prospect of the job, or of possibly moving out, but… yeah, I’m a little bit jittery. And the job I’m being interviewed for hasn’t even gotten to the “you might be hired” phase yet. I dunno what’s more pronounced, the nerves or the excitement about the possibility of actually having my own space again. I did it for a year in college, and I like to think that went fairly well, save the fact you can’t stay in school very well on $930/month when you’re paying $5000/year for residence fees on top of tuition. But, yeah, I liked it… I’d still be doing it if it wasn’t for that small roadblock. Now, with this job, I not only get a chance to have my own place assuming I get hired, but I’m not going to school, and I’ll be making more with this job than I was in college, so I’ll both be able to put more money towards, and have more money to put towards, important things.. like rent, hydro, and all the fun stuff that all goes with. I think it’ll be nice, once the initial.. um, awkwardness(?) gets out of the way and I actually get used to the idea. Of course, I could end up not being hired and everything I’ve written here will be moot–but I’m not thinking about that right now. Get past the interview first, then I’ll do the “what if I don’t get hired” panic dance.


2 responses to “It isn’t even that day yet…”

  1. I think its good to be positive! 🙂
    And, just so you know, I think everyone goes through the panic dance after the interview.
    Knock ’em dead! 😀

  2. I’m pretty sure they do. But I think, after the interview, I’m going to be too busy to actually do the panic dance. It’ll hit me when the shock/moving chaos wears off, though. 😉

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