• Hockey’s comin’ back!

    Okay, so the stupid Canadian men’s hockey team sucks so far as the olympics go. I’ve already bashed them. But now the real hockey season’s back… and there was much yayness! Personally, I’m looking at the Ottawa Sennators to at least take it to the finals. I’d put my money on the Toronto Maple Leafs, but if their pre-olympic play is any indication I’ll be broke. So, moving on…

  • Some melodrama with your roleplay?

    Just once I’d like a roleplaying game without the politics. Yeah, it’s not a world-changing issue but I don’t care. I play, well used to play, 2 RPG’s, one of which has been shut down now for 4 months or so–I still play the other. Both games, however, are pretty much up in arms at the staff level about God only knows what. The one that’s shut down, though, has taken it to a whole new level of immature. Both sides, as indicated on this site, and as echoed on this one, have effectively said “We’re not bringing the game back online until they back off.” Hmmm… you’re not being payed for it, and it sure as hell isn’t unionised… so uh, grow up and let people play. Really… I know children who act less childish.

  • Teehee…

    Even the non-trekies will find this link hillarious. But, if it goes over your head… read it while listening to this theme I’ve personally picked out for it. Even the humorless (you know who you are) will at the least smirk at it. Maybe.

  • Why, oh why…

    Okay, I know the disability support program is supposed to be here for the sake of people who, for whatever reason, can’t get hired so they can pay their bills and things still. But, one would think they’d have something in place to help these people find work so they can get *off* said disability support program. Apparently, no such luck. Not only do these people have absolutely nothing concrete they can bring up so far as that goes, but they just automatically assume organizations like the CNIB,
    which is in fact an overpriced store disguised as a non-profit organization, actually give a damn. To these people, I only have one thing to say… government organizations hurt my frackin head!

  • Urge to pull someone’s hair out… rising…

    Okay, so I decide to finally make an email address on this server serve as my primary one, because well, I’m insanely tired of sympatico. Logical choice, you’d think. And you’d be right… usually. But, the day I decide to do it is the day they break their servers. So, while I can send email from my primary address, I can’t receive email on my primary address. Kind of makes the whole idea of a primary address useless, don’t it though? They eventually got it
    fixed… a whole 36 hours after they were supposed to. It’s a real good thing I’m not in business… that might verry well just piss me off. Oh, wait… it did.

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  • They won! They won! They.. won?

    My leafs actually won a game… bloody miraculous! Yeah, that’s new. New enough to be worthy of being posted here, anyway. That, and I just wanna make sure
    this isn’t just something that’s gonna wind up completely and utterly breaking on me any time soon. It’d better not…

  • Yay for almost minor miracles…

    Today’s minor miracle… I actually have this thing working! Just a little easily amused, perhaps? You betcha. But oh well… right?

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