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  • Toronto schools figure out kids can get hurt, move to ban it.


    Ah, Toronto. That lovely little nowhere place where bad ideas go to get themselves one last kick at the can. That place that brought us joys like, you know, rob ford, and the idea of separating the city from the rest of Ontario–it never was actually explained, by the … Read the rest

  • Marriage: Not just for people in love anymore.

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    Depending on who you ask, marriage hasn’t meant what it used to for years already. In Austrailia, if you’re one couple in particular, it means even less now. You may or may not be aware that same-sex marriage is a thing. In Austrailia they’re becoming aware of that. And as … Read the rest

  • Your password or your freedom, Canadian version.


    It’s pretty common knowledge. You cross the United States border with your laptop, mobile phone, whatever, and you run the risk of some customs person deciding that’s a nice piece of equipment you’ve got there and he’ll just be taking a closer look at it if you don’t mind. Courts … Read the rest

  • Trigger Warning: In which I worry about an assisted suicide ruling.


    Warning: I have no idea how triggers work, particularly related to depression and contemplation of suicide. I am your typical, undereducated thug in that department. But if any of this entry serves to trigger something, please know it was not intended, I apologise, and you can inform me of it … Read the rest

  • Attention all disabled people. You officially oppose net neutrality. Thank you, Verizon.

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    So stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You walk into a place, $guy you don’t really know proceeds to play twenty questions with you. Then, when it comes time for you to get yourself some service, $guy figures it’s his turn to speak up on your behalf. Now, … Read the rest

  • And sometimes, law enforcement is an ass.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a one of these. So clearly, somebody somewhere’s due, right? Right. IT’s time to pick on a combination of the US education system and US law enforcement again. Pennsylvania’s probably an awesome place to visit. Hell, it might even be a moderately decent … Read the rest

  • In which ODSP passively approves of sheltered work shops. Who’s surprised?


    I have plenty more to say about the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) in the other direction (thank you, Toronto Sun), but this has been sitting here for a while and I figure now’s as good a time as any to get to it. A few months ago, there was … Read the rest

  • The day kindness stopped being politically correct. Or: What are you smoking, Calgary?

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    We’re heading for another winter that’s supposed to suck, according to folks, in a few ways. So it seems vaguely appropriate that this happened at the end of last winter, which also ended up sucking in a few ways. A Calgary school bus driver ended up running into a problem … Read the rest

  • 2013’s most annoying words, still annoying in 2014.

    So at the end of 2013, a school in Michigan produced a list of that year’s most annoying words. Not surprisingly, “selfie” and “twerk” topped the list. Equally not surprising, nearing the end of 2014, at least one of those words is still freaking hanging on. Specificly, if I … Read the rest

  • Rogers: We’ll take your money, whether you owe us or not.

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    I’m not a fan of rogers. Well, okay, scratch that. I’m not a fan of companies who put the screws to you over minor technicalities and expect you to take it with a smile. So, yeah, basicly Rogers. I take their cable services, because the alternatives may or may not … Read the rest

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