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  • And one more random post, while I figure out if the server’s going to settle down.


    And, well, because I almost never do these anymore. Sure, I’m not actually on LJ much anymore, but I still crosspost over there. And read the friends list–hi, RSS feeds done geekily. And thus, still have an account over there. So, because I do, and because I can, and because … Read the rest

  • What is the meaning of your life?

    Because I haven’t done one of these in a small forever. And because I don’t have much else to do tonight. Yeah, I know the HTML’s a little funked. I’m not fixing. The Meaning of Your Life is Joy The purpose of your life is simple: to live it to … Read the rest

  • What’s your Gaelic name?

    Because I haven’t done one of these in a small forever. And, because I can. Have a quiz type thinggy. Also: possible new name for a future RP character? Possibly. Your Gaelic Name is Ninian Donnelly Time is a good story teller What’s Your Gaelic Name? Blogthings: A Fine Line … Read the rest

  • What’s Your Life’s Mission?

    Because I haven’t done one of these in forever. And because I’m bored. You Are the Communicator You are a collector and facilitator of knowledge. You love storytelling and teaching.You light up when you’re around other people, and you especially light up in front of a crowd. You are … Read the rest

  • What does your bed say about you?

    Done at the insistence of a few people. Damn you all. What Your Bed Says About You Outward appearances aren’t important to you at all. You think that the over emphasis on looks to be shallow. Your life tends to be completely chaotic. You aren’t a very organized person, and … Read the rest

  • What religion should you be?

    You Should Be An Atheist So it’s not really a religion. But that’s the whole point. You don’t buy into the whole God thing… or you just don’t care. You may feel very alone in a world full of religious people. But just remember, atheism has a long and rich … Read the rest

  • Are you a skeptic?

    ZOMG we can has accuracy! You Are 96% Skeptic You’re no cynic, but you are a complete skeptic. You don’t buy into anything without proof – and you’ll challenge any established “fact”. In your view, evidence is what matters. You don’t believe things based on hope. In fact, you wouldn’t … Read the rest

  • Accuracy score: barely.

    What the House Test Says About You You consider yourself important, but no more important than anyone else. You love attention, but you don’t feel like you deserve more of it than anyone else. You aren’t against being community oriented, but it’s not really your thing. You tend to prefer … Read the rest

  • Are you a good listener?

    … I was bored, and have 10 minutes to kill since I missed out on a job fair thanks largely to one bastard of a call. Sue me. You Are a Great Listener You are the perfect person to talk to. You are patient, empathetic, and encouraging. You provide subtle, … Read the rest

  • How independent are you?

    Your Independence Level: High You are extremely self reliant and autonomous. You are definitely into doing your own thing. But you also wouldn’t turn down help if you needed it. You follow your own path, but you don’t do so blindly. How Independent Are You? So me. So, so me.

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