What’s Your Life’s Mission?

Because I haven’t done one of these in forever. And because I’m bored.

You Are the Communicator
You are a collector and facilitator of knowledge. You love storytelling and teaching.
You light up when you’re around other people, and you especially light up in front of a crowd.

You are a charismatic person who’s genuinely a joy to be with. You remind others to have fun.
You love life, and you’re wake up grateful for every new day. This attitude makes the people around you love life as well.

Clearly, this is a broken quiz.

  1. No it isn’t. It’s so accurate. One fo the many things that drew me to you.

    1. Stop sucking up. You already have me. LOL

      1. Yah, but I gotta keep you somehow, don’t I?

        1. You do that with very little difficulty, my dear.

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