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  • Logic goes on vacation at second career HQ. Go figure.

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    So, remember when I said I just needed to fill out some paperwork and I should be good to go? Apparently not quite. The second career program, in its infinite wisdom, has apparently decided that in order to even possibly maybe be approved for funding, you must already be enrolled … Read the rest

  • A gentle nudge to Ontario colleges.

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    College admins, take note. I’m trying, via Ontario’s second career program, to give you money. I’m actually standing here with my hand out, with untold dollars in said hand. We have just one problem. Your websites do not tell me how much of said untold dollars you want for courses … Read the rest

  • And back to school I go. Or, rather, I try to.

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    I mentioned a few days ago I was looking into options that don’t include me spending the foreseeable future on ODSP. One of those options, which as I expected didn’t pan out, was a conversation had between the employment assistance service I’m going through and Online Support, the only … Read the rest

  • Employment resource centers plus small town living equals not much help.

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    So, as I hinted at in my last post, I dropped by an employment resource center today. Mostly out of general curiosity–they couldn’t do much worse for me than I have so far, but also because, well, I could. Turns out I might have been smart to keep looking outside … Read the rest

  • The Ontario government has just ruined grade 3.


    How old were you when you first got the talk, from either parents or teachers, about the tiny little details of the typical sex act? Bet you anything you weren’t this old. Sex education belongs in the province’s schools despite criticism from some people who oppose exposing students as … Read the rest

  • The Ontario government tries, very hard, to explain its budget changes. And fails horribly.


    At the end of March, we got a good look at Dalton McGuinty’s definition of equality. Which, really, isn’t much of a definition at all. They’ve since come out with a feel-good statement explaining how the cancelation of ODSP’s special diet allowance, which will be replaced by a thinggy to … Read the rest

  • My second open letter to Ontario members of parliament.


    Two weeks ago, I sent the first of my letters to Ontario’s members of parliament. Specificly, I emailed the premier, the minister of community and social services, my local conservative member of parliament, and the leaders of both the conservatives and the NDP. I went into quite a bit of … Read the rest

  • My now open letter to Ontario’s government, and the premier’s response.


    I’ve mentioned already that if you’re on disability in Ontario, you’re almost getting the shaft so far as actual help to do anything without needing to rely on help, financial or otherwise, from friends/family/whatever. In this letter, sent to Ontario’s ruling parties, I mentioned it to them in far more … Read the rest

  • Ontario’s generous provincial government strikes again.

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    The budget for 2010 came out on thursday. And, expecting to see a slight improvement in areas that actually matter, I read things over as they came in–because, you know, I’m like that. Sure enough, slight was probably the best way to describe the improvements. Very slight, in some cases. … Read the rest

  • Hey, the Ontario government *can* do something right.


    Not that the idea of not being forced to retire at age 65 will do anything for me, really, seeing as I’m only about… 15 hours and 44 minutes from actually entering the workforce, but it’s nice to know now, when I actually get to be what would ordinarily be … Read the rest

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