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  • The waiting game, round 2.

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    Now, however, I’m not waiting for apartment people to get back to me. I’m waiting for employment people to check their voicemail. I’ve been haunting it since yesterday, after I got home from Ottawa, and so far she’s not called me back. Part of me is thinking she just had
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  • Scores!

    Hockey reference aside, I have found the place with a 98% chance of me moving in. The rent’s a little steep, but… after doing a little bit of numbers work thanks largely to the fact I have a pretty good idea what my monthly income’s gonna be, it won’t be
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  • Now that’s a sign of rappid progress.

    In the span of about 48 hours, I’ve assembled a record 5 apartments to look at tomorrow. My previous record being 0, and then 3. And after tomorrow, I suspect strongly things will be made easier. At least, until moving day. But by then, I’ll have forgotten I’m supposed to
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  • No rest for the wicked? I guess so.

    After running around trying to get a few more questions answered and finding very little in the way of actual information we like, mom has apparently decided we’re going to Ottawa tonight. Not that I’m complaining–I hate early mornings as much as the next guy. But I’m gonna miss my
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  • Now, it’s a waiting game on several fronts.

    In the 2 days since I got the job offer, I’ve made and received more phone calls than I ever have in a year before that. And now, almost every single one of them is waiting for a response of some variety or another. And not from me, either. I’ve
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  • House hunting goodness…

    So I started my looking for a place today. And so far, I found one that’s a definite possibility. Yay for the internet and family members who know the city! Or… something. Now, I just need to figure out when I’ve got a free day, book the appointment to actually
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