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  • Rangers 7, Maple Leafs 0.

    Just when you thought your team’s found the bottom, they go and invent this. Rumour has it only 2 players actually showed up–the rest kinda sorta stayed off the ice. Okay, might as well have. No wonder it’s taken me until now to post these. even a week later, this
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  • Flames 2, Maple Leafs 1.

    Does anyone remember when we actually used to beat these guys on a fairly regular basis? I mean yeah, so now we only play them once every year or two. This used to be the team we’d warm up on before getting stomped by Vancouver or something. Ah well. I’ll
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  • Coyotes 5, Maple Leafs 1.

    I just have one question. How does a hockey team based out of Phoenix, bleeding money out the ears and bleeding talent out everywhere else, come up with an ass kicking and lay it on a team from what’s supposedly the land of ice and snow? I’d really like to
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  • Maple Leafs 4, Sharks 2.

    I will always get a kick out of how fun this game was to watch. Particularly since this is probably the only time this year we’ll see the Leafs actually win 4 in a row. Sucks, but whatcha gonna do? I’m gonna do this.
    • Wins: 18
    • Losses: 24
    • Shootout Wins:
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  • Maple Leafs 3, Kings 2.

    Okay, that was good. Awesome, even. Probably better than tonight’s game will be vs. San Jose, but you’ll have that. And hey, we actually didn’t implode in the third. How’d that happen? Probably still hanging out in the league’s basement, but we can’t have everything. Hell, some years we can’t
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  • You know it’s bad when even the crazed are done. Hi, Ottawa Senators.

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    According to a recent poll, the Senators are done. Not just done, but according to the Ottawa Sun article, toast. So say 66% of fans questioned in the linked article. Uh. What was their first clue?. It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again. The Stanley Cup
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  • Maple Leafs 9, Thrashers 3.

    I would just like to state for the record, the Thrashers shall officially be renamed, as of now, to the Thrashees. Also: when one line is responsible for the majority of your scoring, and the majority of your schooring translates to approximately 66%, you know you’re doing something right–at least
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  • Maple Leafs 6, Blues 5.

    A shootout we didn’t suck at. And I of course neglected to watch this game. Why do I do that to me? Oh well, we still won. Now, then. Where’d we put the offense for tonight’s game?
    • Wins: 15
    • Losses: 24
    • Shootout Wins: 3
    • Shootout Losses: 2
    • Points: 34
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  • Bruins 2, Maple Leafs 1.

    I watched this game. I have no idea why. It hurt. We had a lead, then we sold it for a cup of coffee. Or a knock in the head, whichever. I also need to stop not blogging these games reasonably quickly. But, you’ll have that.
    • Wins: 14
    • Losses: 24
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  • Maple Leafs 5, Senators 1.

    I’m not sure what was more entertaining. That we actually won, convincingly, or that we did it against those bastards from Ottawa. *In* Ottawa. I’m gonna say nearer to both. And for a change, I actually managed to stomach the CBC website long enough to pull up the game replay.
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