At least the NSA knows where its info is. Human Resources Canada? Not so much.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware the NSA’s having a heart attack over Edward Snowden and what he’s already handed over to reporters–nevermind what he could still hand over to reporters now that they and the UK have stepped things up a knotch. Whether you agree with Snowden or the NSA, at least you can give the NSA that they know exactly where their info is, who’s got access to it, and what they’re doing with it. Our federal human resources regulators, on the other hand? They know it’s out there somewhere.

A lost USB key may have potentially exposed the personal information of about five thousand canadians.

An employee at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada lost the memory device back in November.

The department says there’s no hard evidence that the USB stick had been used for any fraudulent purposes.

The federal privacy watchdog is investigating.

Personally I’d almost rather it be our version of the Snowden soap opera, but hey, whatever works. Of note, though, I don’t see anyone standing up to charge the former owner of that USB key with aiding the enemy, or any other brand of treason under the sun. I do have to guess someone’s officially got a new job by now, however. Hopefully not working for RBC.

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