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Add this to the ODSP wish list of things that ain’t happenin’.

From the way back department, a thing that would be useful. Very useful, actually. Which makes it all the more likely it’s just not about to happen. Considering the love (*) we’ve been getting from the government of late, I’d be inclined to think useful things for ODSP folks take a back seat to useful things for executives in the healthcare industry. But, since we’re being wishful and all that, have a thing.

Oct 24 7:33pm: do i get extra money for christmas when i’m on odsp

Good idea. Won’t ever be seen. Same with extra money for just about anything else–like a phone bill, even though not having one makes trying to do anything useful with ODSP a very interesting little exercise in migraine. Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong–there *is* a budget coming down in a week. Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

(*): The government does love us. Or rather, they love to hold us up as a statistic they’re fixing while all the while fixing to do not a whole lot about this mess. But hey, why split hairs? We don’t need all that fancy stuff–like, you know, rent flexibility. That junk’s for the working class.


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  1. Oddly enough they use to give extra money at xmas time. I’ve been on ODSB since 1992 and they were doing it then and I received it for a handful of years and then it was stopped for everyone. I’m not sure if everyone received it but I had a young child so it may have been a factor but I’m guessing it wasn’t since I am the disabled person, not my child. My kid was about 10 years of age when it stopped so again I think that had nothing to do with it. By the way, as in their usually fashionable way, they gave no notice to their clients that it was to be stopped. It just didnt arrive one December and that is how we discovered the end of it.
    By the way, they also did home visits to evaluate you back then too. Home help was easy to get too. I actually get less money per month now then I did in 1992 even though the shelter portion of ODSB has increased, the other part is much lower than it was back then. They also treat me like they are doing me a favour now too, I was at least treated like a human being back then, but not anymore. Like I purposely got two disabling diseases just to mess up their job, that is what it’s like now. Everything is a battle.
    I enjoy reading your adventures with them. Makes me feel less alone while sitting way down here miles below the poverty level. Keep up the good work. 🙂 and good luck dealing with them.

    • They still do home visits. Or, at least, they did the last time I needed to see one. Personally I think your case worker right now just does some severe sucking. Also yes, the big thing when the liberals were elected was to slag the conservatives for the damage they did to ODSP. Which is awesome, until you realize they haven’t done much to fix it. And now there’s the possibility the conservatives could get the election they’re wanting and, er, could potentially come out on top of it. But… er… at least their leader isn’t Mikey boy this time? … Work with me, here.

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