All you can eat: not quite what it used to be.

Maybe this is just a thing I never stopped getting used to after living in BC. I have absolutely no idea. But when I think of an all you can eat restaurant, I think two, maybe three helpings and you’re needing a forklift to get you back to your vehicle. I was also fairly active back then, so my definition of a helping was probably different than most. Still, when you go to all you can eat joints around here, you can have your two or three helpings–this time, I mean the more commonly understood definition of the word–and inside of 10 minutes, you’re wondering if you actually did just get finished with supper. It’s more than just me with that complaint–as evidenced by the fact pretty much no one goes to that type of restaurants around here. And it’s more than just an Ontario thing, as evidenced by one restaurant owner’s reaction to two customers trying to solve that problem in Brighton, England. His idea? Call them out for it in front of the rest of his customers, then toss them. The restaurant, a Mongolian BBQ joint, charges $19 a head for an all you can eat buffet, and these two frequented the place for around 2 years. Now, granted, we don’t learn exactly how much these two had eaten, or how much they usually eat when there, but we do learn something vaguely useful. All you can eat doesn’t mean what it used to. We’ll just add that to the list.

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