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Because macdonalds has to find *something* to do with their wifi.

Now this is an interesting take. A Macdonalds in Verginia has opted to allow customers free iPad usage while they eat. And they’re providing the iPads. apparently, the restaurant is leasing the iPads from a French company, who’ll be the ones actually in charge of their maintenance–and, presumedly, their replacement should some shmuck decide to get creative and find ways to walk off with one–they’re secured to the table, so creativity might have to be required to pull it off. I imagine anyone who does any kind of anything while mobile will probably still bring their own gear, if only because I can’t see someone checking their email on the restaurant’s iPad. But, hey, if all you want to do is shlept through the news or something while you eat, why not? The restaurant has apparently blocked Youtube, so shlepping through the news or something might be your only option if you’re borrowing one of their pads. Still, it’s an interesting thing to keep an eye on. In the meantime, it does make me wonder exactly how this conversation would have played out had our local one up here gone and done something similar. Hmm. Now I wanna test things.


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