That’s one way to create an Apple fanboy.

I may not be entirely off base here in figuring I’d be quite loyal, at least in spirit, to the company that unknowingly came up with the perfect way to catch someone I was with cheating. Hell, I might just go out and buy something of theirs just to say thanks–I just wouldn’t risk giving it to the next person I was with, in the event it create a trust issue or two. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s exactly what the unnamed poster on the Mac forums up and did after his wife’s iPhone 4S, which–yes–he bought for her, told on her. On the up side, now you folks who’re with people who have nasty little habbits like, say, leaving their cell phones at home where you can’t track them? Yeah. Have a reason to wonder why. No, I did not just tweak every living and breathing thing with a trust issue who happens to be reading this just a little tiny bit. Promise. Believe me?

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