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Trying the whole dusting off of the blog thing. Again.

Remember when I used to have a blog? Yeah, that blog. Remember when it used to be updated semi-regularly? That was a tiny bit before life decided, hey James? Have a punch in the face. It’s been fun, to say nothing of insane. But, now that things have started calming down a fair bit, I can actually stop pretending this thing over here doesn’t exist. Which makes the ranty mcranterson inside me very, very happy. So what the hell happened? A whole shitload. To summarize, because that’s the best I can do, I’ve:

  • Become very, very single
  • become very good friends with a few people–one of whom I’m attempting to convert to a life of geekery
  • laughed, snickered, and eventually cried at the nature of the still sucktacular job market
  • and oh yeah, did I mention I seem to have missed out on an entire phase of my oldest nephew’s growing up while life was happening around me?

And that’s just the basic, uh, okay not even close to scratching the surface. It’s been happening, and then some. The roommate’s doing, for better or worse, the guidedog thing–you can follow his progress on his own site, and I’m giving my head a couple years to stop spinning. But, hey, the rest of me’s finally stopped. Which means–yep, you guessed it. I’m back. And this time, I come armed with mockery. Now, if the Journal that is Live will permit this thing to post, I won’t have to slap it.

PS: Yes, I’m still considering hanging up on LJ. It’s just not happening–just yet.

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9 responses to “Trying the whole dusting off of the blog thing. Again.”

  1. Hey! Am I 1 of those people? 🙂 It was fun to do something resembling catching up today…
    BTW, don’t freeze meatloaf, that was made of all kinds of blarf!
    Makes me sad, I’ll have to make a new one now! 🙂
    C’mon down if you want it! hahahahaha

    • You could be, if you’d like to be! I dunno, though–you still barely talk to me. 😛

      Y’know, if it wasn’t for that lacking in funds thing, and all that lovely… uh… yeah, I might just do that. Just provide me with advanced warning when you’re making it again. I think I can arange to hit a bank between now and then.

      • Well, hrmph!
        I see how it is…
        No love for the Texans….
        The whole talking thing goes both ways you know….
        You’ve got my contact info, learn to make use of it more often..
        Twitter, email, and phone.. 🙂
        I’m hurt now, I’m not a cool person :/

          • Knowing you, you probably are…
            Big ol’ meanie head!
            No meatloaf for you!
            And don’t try to come hide at my house after you knock over that bank, I don’t hide mean Canadians!

  2. Oh you know, I’m way too tired to even come up with a response witty enough for that.
    *yawns* you win this one.

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